Friday, September 4, 2009

Sahajayoga Spreads through 2009

With the divine blessings of the Adishakti, village of Wadzire and adjoining areas are witnessing strong presence of Param-Chaitanya. Sahajayoga Collectivity of Wadzire and adjoining villages is growing day by day with joyous and miraculous experiences and changed state of the Seekers. Wadzire Sahajayog centre has started stabilised over a period of last 3 months and the local Sahajayogis are getting prepared for the spread of Divine message amongst the natives.

Yuvashakti from Pandharpur and Nagar Road, Sahajayogis from Pune keep visiting Wadzire Centre and continue to interact with local seekers who are attending the centre consistently.

Amongst many Miracles, a Cancer ridden Bullock belonging to Shri.Nababhau More was completely cured by grace of Shri Mataji who got perfectly healthy within a span of 4 days.

The Sahaj collectivity has started witnessing the power of prayers to the divine as well the miraculous functioning of Ritumbhara Pragya.


A Stress Management Program for Higher Secondary School students of Janseva Vidyalaya for Improving IQ,EQ and SQ:
A Stress Management program based on Self-Realization through Sahajayoga Meditation techniques was arranged at Janseva Vidyalaya on 31st August, 2009 wherin approximately 150 students received their Self-Realization with blessings from H. H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

Pricipal Shri. Jadhav and senior Teacher Shri. Gholap were instrumental in co-ordinating for the program. Shri. Tulshiram, Karkande, Mrs. Rasane and Shri. Pandharinath Dighe and Shri. Anil Pise from Pandharpur conducted the program with active participation of all the Higher Secondary class students.

All the students experienced the blissful state of thoughtless awareness with vanishing of all their stress and tensions.

The students have started getting immense benefits in their regular studies and are able to experience the joy of the divine vibrations (Param-chaitanya). The students have gradually started attending regular weekly collective meditation centre here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wadzire Sahajayoga Public Program - Atmadnyan Sohala

Dear Seekers of the World !

Holy Land of Parner - the tapobhumi of Sage Paraashar has been waiting for Paramchaitanya to bless the land. He is the one who was inspiration to build as many temples as Kashi in Parner and the panchakroshi. His son Ved Vyaas wrote famous Epic Mahabharat.

This land has also been a witness to the charismatic life of the Self-realized soul Baba Ganpat Atmadnyani from Vadgav Savtal. He is the one who has documented his own divine experiences for the well being of the humanity in form of "Paarakh Pad" (???? ??) which are raising a divine voice even in today's Parner region and adjoining areas. The followers of these Padas are but lacking in the real experience as they have not attained the Self-realization.

The collective righteousness of these two great beings came to fulfillment in land of Parner way back in 1983 when H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi held a Sahajayoga Public Program in Parner. Shri Mataji's blessings continue to bless Parner wherein a Public program was held at Village of Wadzire for people of Parner to attain the Ascent through Self-Realization ("Vishwa Swadharma Soorye Paaho" prayed by Saint Gyaneshwar in Pasaaydaan).

Wadzire witnessed Sahaja Yoga Public Program that was organised on 28th May, 2009 at Janaseva Vidyalaya, Wadzire. It received an overwhelming response from the Seekers of Wadzire. More than 5000 seekers received their Self-Realization.

The Sahajayoga Program at Wadzire was spontaneosly arranged within a span of 2 days with blessings of H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

The desire to hold a Public Program at Wadzire was expressed by Yuvashakti from Pandharpur Shri. Anil Pise and number of Sahajayogis. All the Sahajayogis were meditating and praying for the Public Program at Parner/Wadzire since 24th February 2008 when a huge Sahajayoa Public Program was held at Alandi.

Consent for the Program and guidelines were received from Maharashtra Sahajayog Prasar Co-Ordinator Shri.Nimbalkar Dada.

The program received co-operation from Maharashtra Prachar-Prasar Committee especially from Shri. Nimbalkar Dada, Shri. Swapnil Dhayade, Shri. Anup Yeole and others.

A group of Sahajayogis led by Shri.Phaltankar Kaka and Dr.Anand Hule from Navi Mumbai alongwith Shri.Nabada More from Pune, Shri.Anil Pise from Pandharpur, Shri.Amar Shirole from Pune, Shri.Mallade kaka from Solapur, Nagar Road Collective led by Shri. Jagdish Pillai from Shikrapur, Shri. Hemant Thorat from Panvel, Shri. Sampat Pawar and Shri. Sangramsingh Pawar(???.????) from Supe, Sahajayogis from nearby lonimavaalaa participated with their best dedication towards Divine Mother.

A voluntary participation was there by Dhokale Kaki from Nashik with her two daughters Aarati and Pooja, Yuvashaktis Shri.Ganesh Bhosale from Pandharpur, Shri. Sunil Shakhapure from Akkalakot and many other Sahajayogis from allover Maharashtra came to Wadzire sinking into a divine joy with blessings from Shri Mataji. With participation of local Sahajayogis, the preparations for the Public Program started on 24th May, almost a week in advance.

We received very good co-operation from Villagers for the program especially for obtaining permission from School Committee. The entire Wadzire town alongwith adjoining areas was elated on the announcement of program. Posters displaying Shri Mataji's call to the Seekers of Wadzire-Parner filled the town with the divine vibrations. The divine vibrations filled the land of Parner with Audio announcements for the program over a period of 2 days prior to the day of program. Shri.Sampat Pawar from Supe and Shri.Amar Shirole from Pune ensured the success of Prachar and announcements as a result of which nearly 5000 seekers turned out at the venue of Program.

During last 2-days period, a personal invitation was given to 50+ Institutions and individuals.
A Message that - Sant Gyaneshwar's Amrutanubhav is experienced through Sahajayoga in a very simple and Sahaj way as it was received by Sant Gyaneshwara from his elder brother and Sadguru Sant Nivruttinath - appealed the most to the people of Wadzire and adjoining Villages including Parner and Vadgaon Savtal.

A peaceful procession of Sahajyogis and Yoginis gave final invitation call to the people of Wadzire - the Mumukshus, Scholars, Varkaris, farmers and Grihasthashramis.

The Program venue - Janaseva Vidyalaya, Wadzire was a closeby location at the entry of Village. The seekers started gathering at the venue right from 5:30 PM.

The Program started at 6:00 PM. The whole atmosphere of Wadzire and adjoining localities was waiting for the achievement of Pasaaydaan through Self-Realization with blessings of H.H.Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

The Program started with Bhajans of Sant Gyaneshwar, Sant Muktabai and Sant Eknath's Jogawa by Nagar Road Sahaj Collectivity.

An Inaugural welcome speech was given by local Sahajayogi who narrated the greatness of this land with Cultural heritage having been blessed with presence of many Swayambhus of Adishakti and all major deities as also being the karmabhoomi of Sage Parashar, Baba Ganpat Atmadnyani and Senapati Bapat.

The introduction on Sahajayoga and role of Maharashtrian Saints was given by Dr.Anand Hule explaining the essence of Passaydaan, Haripaath and Amrutanubhav and that it can be experienced in a Sahaj and simple way through Kundalini Awakening by the grace of H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

He also explained how the divine subtle system is understood by medical science in a limited perspective; the completeness of which can be attained with divine blessings.

The atmosphere was elated with Paramchaitanya and the seekers had developed a pure desire to get the divine blessings from H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

The people of Wadzire-Parner were to witneess the Blossom Time by experiencing Shabdabramha in form of Paramachaitanya.

All the Seekers of Wadzire-Parner were awaiting to realise the beginning of "Vishwa Swadharma Soorye Paaho"

The seekers of Wadzire-Parner experienced the state of being "Devachiye Dwari Ubha Kshanabhari...." when they witnessed opening of Sahasrara with blessings of H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

Huge mass of men, women and children present for the program experienced the Kaivalya that is "Chaitanya-Lahari" through Kundalini Awakening. All the seekers experienced cool waves of Paramchaitanya and raised hands witnessing the Rutumbhara Pragya.

The seekers experienced Atmatattwa which is an essence of Haripatha as envisaged by Sant Gyaneshwar. The Village of Wadzire-Parner witnessed "Soniyacha Dinoo.." by the grace of H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

All the seekers were experiencing complete joy and bliss within. They became the real "Vaarkaris" meaning the ones who experience chaitanya-lahari ('Vaara') flowing through their hands ('Kar').

Shri. Phaltankar Kaka, Ahmednagar Sahajayoga Co-ordinator briefed the seekers on post-realization aspects of Sahajayoga including benefits of Sahajayoga in daily life and as to how to practise daily meditation and how to take Sahajayoga further in individual and collective life.

On behalf of the people of Wadzire, Deputy Sarpanch Shri.Kisan Chaudhari expressed gratitude towards Sahajayoga Parivar at the Lotus Feet of H.H. Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi for the event organised for Ascent for the Villagers.

The Follow-up Programs :

The follow-up program was arranged at Janaseva Vidyalaya on succeeding two days.

Around 70 Seekers attended the same for both the days. Same number also continued for the first weekly Meditation Centre conducted on Sunday, 31st may, 2009.

On first day, seekers could benefit from an invaluable guidance from Shri.Phaltankar Kaka who stayed back after Public Program on insistence of Yuvashakti and local organisers.

Sahajayogi from Panvel, Shri. Santosh Kadam who is a native of adjoining town of Pimpri-Jalsen came specifically for Followup Program and also contributed to planning for starting of a regular weekly Meditation Centre.

~::~ Weekly Meditation Centre ~::~


First regular weekly Sahajayoga Centre was conducted at the same place on Sunday, 31-May-2009 at 8:00 am which continues at the same timings and place.

The work of Sajaha Yoga continues in Wadzire with good number of scholars and seekers coming forward to get the Self-Realization.

The seekers belonging mostly to agricultural and other professional backgrounds continue to consistently attend the centre with a regular meditation at home. Salt-water treatment is a regular practise with all the seekers.

Sahajayogis and sahajayoginis from adjoining villages of Babhulwade, Devibhoyare, Lonimawala, Pimpri-Jalsen, Jategaon, Supe, Nighoj, Waghale and also from towns of Nagar Road collectivity like Karegaon, Shikrapur, Shirur and malthan are also regularly attending the centre and continue to enhance the Sahaj Collectivity and paramchaitanya at this place.

Yuvashakti formation is also in progression with divine blessings.

Seekers have started getting the benefits of Sahajayoga including health benefits as well as benefits in Agriculture, animal husbandary, workplace situations and a peace of mind with divine bliss in their daily lives.

We request the global Sahaja Collectivity to pray for Our Holy Mother's attention on the land of Parashar Rishi so that the Great Saint Gyaneshwar's resolve "Eiye Marhathiyechiye Nagari - Brahmavidyecha Sukaloo Kari" gets fullfilled as also his prayer for the entire humanity gets answered by The Divine.

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

Wadzire-Parner Collectivity
Shri. Pandharinath Dighe
Smt. Rasane
Shri. Tulshiram Karkande
Shri. Samaptrao Pawar

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